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ChlorKing manufactures a line of devices which produce a powerful hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution.

ChlorKing is committed to helping customers achieve their goals. We want you to leave this site with knowledge that will help you make the best choice for your business. There are four things you need to keep in mind when sourcing your hypochlorous acid (HOCl):

  1. The parts per million (ppm), which is the concentration (strength of solution) you need for your application. In general, 200ppm solutions are good for sanitizing applications and 500ppm solutions are good for viral applications.

  2. The pH of the solution. HOCl is typically between 5-7. Hypochlorite solutions (bleach) are normally 7.5 and above. Think of the pH like a dial adjuster for your chlorine solution. Lower pH's, more HOCl. Higher pH's, more hypochlorite solution (bleach).

  3. The oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Typical ORP values for HOCl are 800 to 1000+ mV. The units are millivolts. High ORP value solutions is kin to having a heavyweight boxer in your corner, ready to go to work on organisms.

  4. The salinity of the solution. There are two methods of producing HOCl, membrane (dual stream) and electrode (single stream). Membrane systems (can be hard to maintain) have little to no salt content, while electrode systems (more rugged design) have salinity ppm's depending on the efficiency of the electrodes. Depending on application, salt can be good or bad. Too high of a salt concentration can lead to corrosion and unwanted residuals. ChlorKing technologies have customized engineered plates to maximize efficiency which leads to no residuals on surfaces.




Absolutely Awesome.  I just tested a batch that was sitting in my machine for about 4 days and it is still showing 200ppm ... so much easier to deal with than ordering liquid and trying to get it shipped below freezing.

Brian K.

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