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HYPOGEN Commercial Series

The HYPOGEN is an onsite machine that produces hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HYPOGEN allows you to be in control of your onsite HOCl needs. HYPOGEN is capable of producing 144 to 2,880 gallons of HOCl (500/1,000ppm) with adjustable pH's (5-7) and automated production ... all at the touch of a button. Produce HOCl for pennies, when you need it, when you want it and trust that HYPOGEN will not let you down.

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The HYPO mini is the mighty HYPOGEN stripped down to a powerful compact unit which delivers 2 gallons of HOCl onsite at 200/500ppm concentrations in as little as 8 minutes! The HYPO mini is a great addition for small businesses that are looking to explore the tremendous benefits of HOCl.

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HYPOSHIELD 1000 is a powerful broad spectrum EPA approved disinfectant produced by the HYPOGEN commerical machine as a daily solution.

EPA Approved Label

Schools, Colleges, Restaurants/Bars, Cruise Ships, Agriculture, Businesses, Dental Offices, Churches, Correctional Facilities, Food Processing Plants, Ambulances, Grocery Stores

Some facts on HYPOSHIELD 1000:

  • 1,000ppm concentration, powerful!

  • pH 4-5

  • Daily disinfectant

  • Familiar pool clean scent